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RuneScape mechanisms are garbage
This is no answer, but it is a link I made recently made I can't get out of cheap RuneScape gold my mind. I believe big time to you I haven't gotten anywhere else I've looked to the RS experience, and I really don't think I could chalk up it to nostalgia. It really did take a different approach. I don't know when you've got a VR headset, but among the coolest experiences I have attempted so far is A Tale that is Township, the indie game. It does not have a ton of content however, but a good deal of the mechanisms are there - a wonderful art style physics, and easily the coolest crafting system I've seen in any game. To split a handle for your sword, you start dividing it out, grab a hammer and chisel, and load up the crafting table with the right amount of wood. Mining, smithing, cooking, etc.. operate in a similar realistic way.

I know that it's most likely not likely to go in this direction, but my dream would be to get RuneScape recreated in A Township Tale. I see a lot of parallels in the focus on everything and crafting, and it would be a really incredible experience. But I am sure it will just be a fantasy and little else. I've been wondering this too. I got my account which has been missing for a few years and installed it back, however, I haven't played...because it honestly only looks too complex now. I agree with folks here but I think everybody here is forgetting that RuneScape is based on the idea of min/maxing and imagination. It was a really grindy match, so about gaming the system, the true game turned into. Finding new paths runs. The top places to collect herbs. The most lucrative monsters to farm.

There was methods to find ways to feel just like you beat the machine. I really like games where you are making time runs and spreadsheets and only attempting to be as good as possible not simply as a character. Frankly, the closet thing I believe there is to RuneScape is Path of Exile. I know, I understand, RuneScapeplay is absolutely NOTHING similar, but the method by which in which the community disagrees with RuneScape gives me this vibe. I have spent a ton of time in Route of Building trying to game the system and create exciting and new assembles. I want something like this, but using a more RPG slant. RuneScape mechanisms are garbage and should never be replicated. There's very little actual control over movement and its insane it hasn't been turned into traditional ASDW motion imo. If anybody knows about any other MMOs that genuinely reward individuals for being invested and imaginative as PLAYERS, allow me to know.

Minmaxing and the rate was the method for you. I am able to state I was as everything you liked efficiency equally enthusiastic about minigames and dungeoneering. I loved spending time with other people, not just efficiency and seeking successes tho and was efficient and good at there. Afterwards I maxed but did not like that process much. Eventually rs3 was ruined with some crazy p2w updates that murdered minigames. What I would like to convey this with all is that rs had ways to perform and enjoy RuneScape.

I believe like RuneScape's success these days is predicated on two things: nostalgia and being a game. I am of the view that many of RuneScape players today, if they were younger, had they never played with it, would not give RuneScape an opportunity since the gameplay is so dull and time consuming for very little payoff. That's where nostalgia fills the difference and you're going to runescape 2007 gold put up with the crap because you know you like the end game.

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