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How Do You Get Anguished & Opportunity Isle Island Token in Lost Ark?
Like Lost Ark gold, Island Tokens can also be used to get some of the most important benefits. Yet, those symbols are not readily accessible in Lost Ark, and travelers need to be satisfied with a collection of missions to make them. Below is how to get the Anguished & Opportunity Isle Island Token in Lost Ark.

How to obtain the Anguished Isle Island Token in Lost Ark?

To acquire the Anguish Isle Island Token in Lost Ark, you need to adhere to these steps:

1). You have to complete the adhering to pursuits. There is a Main Pursuit Chain you can locate on the island:

    To The Anguished Isle
    Assisting the Isle's Militia
    Unusual Mayhem
    The Kidnapped People
    The Anguished Isle's Secret

2). After finishing those missions, you'll receive a brand-new repeatable quest in Anguished Isle that you can do everyday.

3). This pursuit is called May They Discover Tranquility and tasks the player to defeat numerous enemies throughout the island.

4). In return, it will undoubtedly go down Crimson Skein, a unique currency tied to the quest. The pursuit additionally will undoubtedly drop a Garden of Despair Key, which offers you entry to a dungeon located in the rear of the map.

5). Upon going into the dungeon, players will certainly need to complete the entire thing and beat the area's final employer.

6). Upon defeating the last boss, you'll receive Crimson Skein and the opportunity to make the Anguished Isle Island Token.

How to get the Opportunity Isle Island token in Lost Ark?

Right here are the steps to comply with to obtain the Opportunity Isle's island token:

1). A few mins before the Isle is expected to show up according to the game's compass, purchase a ticket to the Arthetine continent, and cruise to the Isle, adhering to the compass's coordinates.

2). Once you arrive, speak with the first NPC you attend to get the To The Globe of Angling mission.

3). Follow the quest and earn your membership card, then go to a watercraft close by to the entire island itself.

4). Head to a fishing point, suggested by the hook icon on the mini-map, and begin the Co-Op pursuit by talking to the NPC near it, where gamers are entrusted with gathering Golden Crucian Carp at different locations factors around the island.

5). When all players will undoubtedly have caught 250 Golden Crucial Carp fish on the island, the pursuit will finish, and you'll gain various incentives depending upon your ranking.

6). All players will gain some silver and an Angler's Pouch for participating, while first will earn 3, and second, third, and fourth will make two of them.

7). These pouches have a chance of dropping the Opportunity Isle Island Token, so making more of them will give you a far better opportunity. The RNG of the decrease indicates that you'll likely need to do the island a couple of times. However, it will eventually go down.

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