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It's true that we do not have the retirement chair
More than half of the titles for 2022 on the PSP aren't even announced yet.Oh, yeah? Do we have to expect significant announcements regarding that very soon?There are a Madden 23 Coins number of announcements to come up prior to E3 and, in particular, during E3. [Emphasis added.] There's likely to be 50-60% of the game lineup for this year that's not yet revealed, and there's some huge titles to come. This means there's lots of excitement for PSP.

Okay, I'll get returning to PS5 quickly. I'm sure Activision stated in its earnings call in the month of October that it would continue to support PS5 PS5 was contingent upon that you drop the cost. Have you heard similar comments from other third-party sources? And , if yes did that influence in the decision to lower the price?

We consider every aspect of business. Publishers have stated, "We still see the PS5 as an investment in cash and a location where can earn a significant amount worth of cash." Also, a drop in the price of the hardware definitely inspires hardware numbers to remain to be at or near the level they were in the past. I'm sure that the publishers and software makers had been saying "Hey We want keep this momentum growing." This is why Activision's reference in the article echoes what a number of retailers and publishers were saying "You don't need to reduce the cost. We think this is a viable way to go, but if anyone would want to change it, we'd be willing to help."

It's true that we do not have the retirement chair, nor any plaques to hang on our wall. But I would anticipate it to last much longer than the 10 years. We don't have a sunset date in the back of our minds. We did this for PlayStation 1 because we saw that the development pipeline ran dry in Buy Mut 23 Coins the 9th and 10th years when we decided to turn our focus towards PlayStation 5 at that time.

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